remember when ginny weasley turned down the offer of going to the dance with harry (the boy she’d been crushing on for years) so that she could stay loyal to her date with neville and then completely called ron and harry out on their shit when they started making fun of neville good times good times

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I like my women how I like my men. 



That’s it.

That’s the joke. 

I am bisexual.

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taylorswift? … no its becky

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Hands up if large groups of aggressively loud white boys in your vicinity freak you out

One of the things that bonds women, POC, and LGBTQA+ together: The fear of white men in numbers.

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sercnavanderwoodsen: Taylor Swift CD, Picture of James McVey and/or Michael Clifford, Gossip Girl DVD (bc our connection), something sciency, Buffy merch

That’s spot on sobs.

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5 things you would put on a pentagram to summon me
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You sing. You dance. You act. You basically do everything. Is there anything you can’t do?

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why would you hurt me like this

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make sure to adjust the hover height to fit all your update info!

+ angel, season five
+ friends, season seven
+ shameless, season one

+ charmed, season four

+ the hunger games trilogy
+ eleanor and park

+ Whedonverse
+ The Hunger Games
+ Taylor Swift
+ Orphan Black
+ 5 Seconds Of Summer
+ The Vamps
+ Gossip Girl
+ Gilmore Girls